Mission Statement




The Inn for Women Chic Second Hand Boutique was inspired by amazingly courageous women and children that are fighting everyday to find freedom from domestic violence, human trafficking, poverty and oppression!   They are longing to be given the opportunity to live joyful lives, raise their children well,  find love and hope, and then to give back to those that are where they were!


 VISION – to offer a place to come to shop where every woman will feel welcomed, accepted unconditionally, offered hope and courage.  The profits from the boutique will all be used to support women in our community as their needs arise.


 MISSION – this vision will be accomplished by the help of many amazing volunteers that share the vision and come together by donating clothing, accessories, time and resources.   We are a “grass roots” model that will be able to move quickly to support women with food, transportation, clothing, counseling, lawyer fees, housing and whatever else may arise.


If you feel the call to join us, we would warmly welcome you to be a part of a life changing mission and vision for all women and their families!


Please contact us at 1-604-838-6402 or email innforwomen@gmail.com.